Cuppla has developed an innovative mobile device management and digital content distribution solution. The software is a user-friendly device management system that enables remote management of mobile devices and applications. With Cuppla, companies can ensure that all tablets and smartphones are properly configured and ready for use at any time. For example, Wi-Fi settings and security configurations can be managed remotely and effortlessly. Cuppla also provides a centralized tool to distribute digital material to the end-users.

Dave Katz, from Cuppla Sales and Marketing, contacted Cubescom at the beginning of 2018. He described the potential and benefits of Cuppla software. That raised interest among Cubescom. Tero Suominen, Cubescom’s CEO, tells more about the starting of the collaboration:

“One of our highly valued products in the market is Clearpulse, a comprehensive ICT-infrastructure management system. We immediately noticed the opportunities that Cuppla could bring to us and our customers and therefore decided to join our forces”.

Clearpulse provides multiple features for the ICT-infrastructure management. Cuppla compliments this and expands Clearpulse offering from mobile device management perspective and modernizes the system in general. All corporate mobile devices can be easily registered as Clearpulse assets using Cupla MDM. The same tool helps to set all the required usage guidelines and standards. It is possible to install and delete applications and data remotely. Cuppla MDM enables the supervision over the devices. In other words, correct device data and security settings can be always ensured.

The cooperation proceeds swiftly and first integrations have already been done between Cuppla and Clearpulse. The features of Cuppla are expected to be fully implemented in the Clearpulse product already in the early autumn. Time will tell whether the companies will come up with any other innovative mobile solutions.

Cuppla’s CEO Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara: “This collaboration with Cubescom is a completely new experience for us, with the new customer segment and the opportunity to expand sales of Cuppla over Scandinavia.  We are truly excited about this opportunity.”


”Take advantage of the most diverse ICT infrastructure system on the market!”

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